Nostalgia Dirt Series Club

We want to help you get the most out of your experience with the Nostalgia Dirt Series. One way is to be part of our Nostalgia Dirt Series Newsletter. The best way though is to be part of the Nostalgia Dirt Series Club! We will be giving exclusive content and deals to members of the NDS Club. And while we’re working to build up the club, membership will be FREE until the Nostalgia Dirt Series Nationals this summer. After that, we will be offering a special deal for all people who signed up before or during the Nationals!

Starting off, our first benefit will be special discount codes for items in our store! So from now to the Nationals, get this special discount for free!! Sign up, and you’ll also get an entry to our Racecar Giveaway we’re doing, so be sure to do it!

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